A Refreshing Change

Just over a month ago I was fortunate enough to travel to the Greek island of Rhodes. The trip gave me a taste of just how beautiful Greece is and its certain to say that I will definitely be going back to see the rest of what the country has to offer.

The island itself is littered with history and natural beauty and I found myself walking around in awe of how much there was to soak up, taking photos every time we turned a corner (the medieval city of Rhodes and the Acropolis of Lindos in particular).

What I didnt expect to see as we walked through the cobbled streets of Rhodes, nestled in amongst the rows of typical souvenir, clothes, jewellery and ceramic shops was this little shop; When in Greece – Rhodes.

Although it’s agreed that holidays and traveling in general are ruddy brilliant for inspiration, I didn’t expect to see any commercial, eye catching graphic design, after all, I would assume that the design industry – particularly on a small greek island, is slim to non-existent, so it’s fair to say stumbling upon this little store was very refreshing.

The idea is simple; inspired by the beauty and cultural richness of Greek destinations, When in Greece aims to create modern and stylish products in collaboration with a number of Greek graphic designers.

Personally I think When in Greece – Rhodes is a great little idea with the potential to expand to many other Greek destinations. It’s simple, minimal yet considered approach is a far cry from the over saturated, overly commercial souvenir shops that we have all visited whilst on our holidays, and I like that, I like it a lot!