COVID-19 Typographic Posters

In the past few days I’ve been sat at home wondering what I personally, and the design industry in general can do, as problem solvers, to help growing pandemic situation. I felt compelled to create these quick and simple typographic posters, but hesitant to post them since I don’t want to trivialise the subject at hand and for this to be about self glorification or creative promotion, far from it.

But the message is clear and vital, and the more people that are exposed to it, and the more people that consume and adhere to it, the better. The chance to save lives has never been more clear.
I’ve included the web address to, where the vulnerable and in need can find local support.

I also have PDF versions with white backgrounds for home printing purposes, via this link:

I know times are tough, but if other creatives do have the time or capacity to take on a similar brief, perhaps we can spread message even further. Together I believe everyone of us can make a difference.