Branding, Social Media

Creating an identity for an online community of analogue photography lovers

With interest in film photography becoming ever more prevalent, independent startup FILMWINDERS aims to create an online community and shop for analogue lovers alike, from all backgrounds and skill levels.

Designed for the digital age

Relying heavily on social media platforms such as Instagram, it was important the FILMWINDERS’ brand balanced fashion alongside accessibility in order to ensure the startup reached new audiences, whilst still maintaining the sense of a close-knit community of passionate photographers.

By working collaboratively with the client, the new identity was created. Purposely designed for the digital age, the logo is minimal, yet flexible, interchanging between a wordmark and film canister-inpsired logomark.

Extending the brand

With ambitions to develop a film camera rental service and sell merchandise in the near future, a number of typographically-led t-shirt designs and printed artwork were also created as an extension to the brand.

Let’s work together

Let’s work together