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Celebrating motion picture Colorists around the world. 

Colorist Society strives to advance the craft, education and awareness of the art and science of color grading. It is the first professional society devoted exclusively to furthering and honoring the professional achievements of the colorist community, acting as an educational and cultural resource.

The Challenge

Although previously known as ‘Colorist Society International’, there was little that effectively reflected Colorist Society’s truly global purpose – representing motion picture colorists from around the world. Working together with the organisation, we set about creating a confident brand identity that represents & celebrates the role of the colorist. Taking a creativity-first approach, it was important that the new identity championed awareness & representation, delivering an identity that engages industry-specific members and educates the wider society.

The Design

The new visual identity centres around the ‘creative eye of a colorist’, a concept that aims to reflect where art meets science. Taking its visual inspiration from the wavelengths that make up the visible light spectrum, the logomark symbolises the creative contribution of a colorist, creating the linear eye logomark.

The wavelengths and gradient provide a fluid and flexible foundation for the visual language, creating an engaging identity that helps spearhead industry representation around the world.

The Delivery

The identity will be rolled out across various digital touch points, providing a comprehensive hub for colorists around the world.

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