Indigo Pearl



Rebranding an award-winning PR Agency within the gaming industry. 

Based in London, Indigo Pearl is a full-service PR agency specialising in Entertainment Technology PR, covering all media fields associated with gaming, gadgets, tech, mobile and VR.

The Brief 

Indigo Pearl’s previous logo had been used since their inception in 2001. Although popular among colleagues and industry clients alike, the coat of arms had grown to be very limiting in application and no longer suitable for the digital age.

To bring their brand up to speed, they sought a visual identity that built upon their established brand recognition, but was also flexible, versatile and represented their core values.

The Design

Working together with Indigo Pearl, we firstly set about recreating the coat of arms in a linear style. Representing more evolution than revolution, our approach was to create a versatile logo system that would allow elements of the coat of arms, such as the IP monogram, to also work individually, adding depth, flexibility and a sense of personality to their visual identity.

We also refreshed the colour palette and typography, injecting a vibrant magenta and bold serif typeface that makes sure Indigo Pearl continues to stand out from the crowd.

In addition, we also we also created a new logo for PXN, an asset management product by Indigo Pearl, that ties in with the new visual identity.

Let’s work together

Let’s work together